VIBGK1 • Vibratex Great King Vibe

Great King Vibe - A squirming and vibrating sensation! The unit has a dual control for the powerful squirming and vibrating action. Stands 8 inches tall and is about 1.75 inches thick. Translucent clear color. 3 - C batteries required.

For the buyer that demands the best, the Vibratex vibrator is 'simply the best' vibrator your money can buy. Each unit is beautifully crafted, and is smooth running and quiet. All metal gearing and powerful motors provide strong action that will last and last. There are many copycats of these vibrators available, but none work as well or last as long as these Japanese originals. These vibrators always receive the highest reviews in the Adult Video News guides. The supple latex covering has a uniquely different and softer feel than any other unit on the market.

Price: $ 68.89           
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