TF9942 • Feeldoe Silicone Strapless, Stout, Vibrating

A magnificent idea and a beautifully crafted toy! No straps and no adjustments to get it to fit right.

The shaft is an impressive 1.75 inches in width and about 7 inches long. The bulb is 1.5 inches in diameter and 3.5 inches long.

Formed from medical grade silicone rubber it has a variety of uses:

  • Use it alone as a vibrating, realistic dildo with an ergonomic handle putting you firmly in control.
  • Use it as a double dildo to share with your partner.
  • Use it as a strap on dildo without the hassle of a harness.

The wearer simply inserts the bulb end into either the anus or vagina and uses their muscles to hold it in place while penetrating their partner. Everyone involved is provided a unique sexual experience they will not soon forget.

Includes a Magic Touch Bullet mini vibe that is inserted into a hollow opening in the base

PLEASE NOTE: NEVER use Silicone Lubricants with silicone toys ! It will cause the surface to deteriorate and the item will be damaged. ( It has the same effect as oil based lubes do on condoms. )

Use ONLY water-based lubricants.

Price: $ 105.79           
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