SPARTCLOSE • (c) Spartacus Leather Closeout - 30 pieces!!

   Must Go!!   

  Clearance Priced!  

Super closeout of 27 pieces of mostly Spartacus Leathers products, including a Cathy's Cuffs Blindfold,  a Rachel's Thigh Cuffs set, and a small butt plug.

I'm also including (not shown) an Alchemy Metallics, Contoured (donut style), chromed cock ring with 2 inch inside diameter and another Alchemy Metallics 2 inch chromed ring in the flat band style, -PLUS- a Hustler Blue Cyber Jel-Lee 6 inch cock, thick style. That's another $30 worth of goods, for a total of 30 pieces!

Much Less than $5.00 per piece. Easily worth $300 or more! First 5 items in top row retail for over $20 -each- !!

Must Go! I need the space!

Price: $ 125.00           
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