N578 • Electrical Contact Cleaner, 10 ml. - Group C

A variety of low voltage Electrical Contact Cleaners with excellent cleaning properties. 

Small bottle, 10 ml.

Names:  Power Platinum, Lightning Rod, Titanium, Shock, High Voltage Gold, Power Gold

Contains: Cyclopentyl Nitrite (the old stuff from the 90's)

You are ordering one (1) of the bottles in the picture shown.

There is no choice of product as it does not matter as explained below:

Note: Products are identical by the same manufacturer under different labels.  Orders will contain any of the above names in any combination of quantity.  e.g., order 6 pieces and you may receive: 2 Lightning Rod, 1 Power Gold, 1 Shock, 2 Titanium.


AKA: Poppers, popers, video head cleaners, liquid aromas, liquid incense, head cleaner, nail polish remover

Price: $ 11.50           
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