HP1036-00 • Silky Sheets, Mystical Musk

Does deliciously soft skin turn you and your lover on? Then you will love Silky Sheets Talc for Bed and Body with Pheromones.

Absorb perspiration and odor with Silky Sheets. Silky Sheets are a lightly scented spray talc that leaves your sheets or body feeling soft and sexy. Spray prior to night of romance and allow the Pheromones to drive your partner crazy. Silky Sheets contains odorless hormonal chemicals called pheromones to help stimulate the hypothalamus, the part of the brain that controls sex drive.

Use in place of lotions and oils for a sensually smooth all-over body massage. It will keep you cool, comfortable and soft while sexually arousing your senses.

Time for bed??? Then spray it all over your sheets to help absorb perspiration and add that extra something to your night!

4 ounce aerosol spray.

WARNING: Extremely flammable when spraying. Keep away from open flame. Contents under pressure. Do not puncture or store above 120° F.

Price: $ 7.89           
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