EMP001 • Make Your Own Dildo Kit

Molding kit comes with simple to follow instructions and everything you'll need to create an exact, high quality rubber copy of your penis in intricate detail!

What began as a simplified molding process for a Hollywood film, has become an easy way for anyone to create a top quality rubber copy of their penis right in their own home.

Empire Labs™, is long known in the film industry for creating amazingly life-like props and effects. They have developed this new, patented, skin-like rubber material that is so incredibly realistic, you'll have to feel it to believe!

Every tiny vein and bump will appear on the copy, just as it does on the original. The slightly translucent rubber even looks like real skin. All materials are completely safe and non-toxic.

Simple to do!
  • Insert your penis into the quick-form molding gel
  • Hold it for just 60 to 90 seconds
  • Remove your penis and fill the mold with the liquid rubber
  • Let it dry and pull out your own usable, life-size, rubber dildo!



Is it completely safe ?
YES. Not only are the materials safe for you, but also for the environment. Empire Labs products not only meet, but exceed all current government standards on everything it sells.

How big of a penis can be made with the kit ?
The kit is designed to make a perfect copy of ANY size penis and balls.

How much detail can I expect from my replica ?
Your replica will be incredibly detailed. All tiny lines and bumps will reproduce perfectly.

Will I have to shave my pubic hair to make the mold ?
No. Typically hair is not a problem. If your pubic hair is excessively long, you may want to rub in a dab of petroleum jelly or other lubricant before molding.

How long will my finished replica last ?
Your replica will probably last longer than you! The high grade rubber skin compound is extremely durable. You can bend it, crush it, soak it... whatever, it can take it!

Can I mold my penis fully erect ?
Yes. Almost everyone wants a mold of their penis erect. The easy to follow instructions allow you to mix the molding material and then relax for a few minutes before making the mold. During this time, you can make yourself fully 'ready'.

Price: $ 68.95           
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