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Occasionally Asked Questions

Q: Do you have a catalog you can send to me ?

A: Sorry, No. Our catalog is this website. The cost of printing and mailing a catalog would have an adverse effect on the pricing you see offered here. Also, a printed catalog would never be as up to date as our web catalog is. There are so many items released every week, that the paper catalog would be out of date before it got to the printer's.

Q: I'm concerned about my Privacy and my personal information. Can you tell me what your policy is regarding this ?

A: Your information stays with us. It is not sold or traded. We do not mail you or email you anything except your order or information regarding your order. The only time you would hear from us after your order is completed would be if you had requested an answer to a question or had joined our Newsletter. Click Here for our Privacy Statement

Q: I prefer to shop by mail, do you offer this ?

A: Yes. Browse through the catalog, placing items in your cart as you wish, then go to the checkout and choose "Money Order" as your form of payment. Complete the order and an address where you can mail the payment to will be sent via email. Follow the instructions in the email and enclose the specified amount and mail the form and the payment to us. Any excess funds will be refunded in your package.

Q: How long will it be before you ship my order ?

A: Typically, your order will ship between 2 and 5 business days of receipt. That does not include Saturday and Sunday, as the warehouses are closed. We do not stock many items, as this helps keep our prices down. We will email you when your order ships, or contact you if there are any expected delays or out-of-stock problems.

Q: Do you handle my order, or do you use an "Internet Fulfillment"* company ?

A: We use an "Internet Fulfillment"* company to package and ship your goods on approximately 75% of the orders we receive. Particularly when you request items we do not stock or that require Express delivery that falls outside of our capabilities. No one but our staff will have access to your personal information, as explained in our Privacy Statement. We have Privacy Agreements in place with all of our outside vendors and suppliers.

*FYI: Internet fulfillment companies are organizations that receive orders from a website vendor, then supply, package, and ship the order to the customer. The practice reduces the burden on the vendor by relieving them of the tasks of acquiring the goods and then shipping them.

Q: How do you package my order ? Will anyone know what's inside ?

A: Orders are packaged in plain, unmarked boxes, with a return address of "JHB Enterprises" or that of the shipping company. However, we do use the special envelopes and mailers provided by our different freight carriers as needed. No indication is on the package as to it's contents. International orders are typically marked as "plastic novelties" or "plastic toys" as required by customs.

Q: What carrier do you use to ship my order ?

A: We typically ship using United Parcel Service (UPS), United States Postal Service (USPS) Priority Mail, and Federal Express (FEDEX). We determine the best method to deliver your order. There are many mitigating circumstances depending on where you are located, and who can deliver to you. You may indicate your preference on the order form.

Q: Can I pay for my order COD ?

A: No, we do not ship COD. However, you can place an order by mail and pay by credit card, money order, wire transfer, or bank-certified check. We will process your order upon receipt of funds, and you will receive you order promptly. See our order instructions for more details.

Q: If I pay by money order, and enclose too much for freight, how do you handle that?

A: We may send a refund check, cash, or if you prefer, a credit on your next purchase for the excess amount in your shipment.

Q: I have a P.O. Box. Can I receive my shipment from UPS or FEDEX there? What about an RR or RD Box address ?

A1: You can not. UPS and FEDEX do not deliver to PO Box addresses. They require a physical street address to deliver to. Shipments to PO Boxes are only handled by the Post Office. Typically, we can get it there as soon as if not before UPS or FEDEX by using USPS Priority Mail.

A2: RR Box and RD Box deliveries can be handled by UPS and FEDEX, as these are physical addresses.

Suggestion: If you have a UPS or FEDEX station in your area, you can request a "Hold for Pickup" at that location. You can then go to them and receive your package. Usually there is no upcharge from them for this service.

Q: Can I pay by personal check?

A: We do not accept checks. We do accepting bank-certified checks, money orders, and wire transfers.

Q: I saw something on another company's website that I like, but I think they are asking for too much money. Can you get a better price?

A: Perhaps. We can't guarantee a better price, but we are willing to check it out for you. It all depends if our distributors carry the item. Please include the website address (URL) where you saw the item in your email to us, and any item numbers or descriptions.

Q: Do you special order ?

A: Depending on the item(s), Yes. Please email us your requests. We will attempt to get a reply to you within 2 business days.

Q: What company name will appear on my credit card statement when I order?

A: "JHB Enterprises"

Q: Do you sell to other retailers at wholesale prices?

A: No, we are strictly a retailer of the merchandise you see on our site. If you are a retailer and wish to purchase from a distributor, we suggest you purchase one of the trade magazines and seek information from them.

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