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What's News at Omni Adult Products

5/16/04: New Store Server

We have moved the site to a new server in the past few weeks. Please report any problems via the link in the red background at the top of the page.

The site is much faster and less troublesome than it was for the past year.


Thank You for Your Patronage!


1/22/04: Store News & Progress Updates

It has been a long time since I've updated the store news. Sorry :D

A lot of progress has been made in smoothing the site operation and the number of errors has dropped to nil. AOL users may still experience glitches, but that seems to be the only group. A ton of updates to products has occured in the past 3 months and many new items are now available. It is still a long process to convert the old site into the new one. Many pages have been fixed to give you easier, more user-friendly navigation.

Erostar™ is S-L-O-W-L-Y getting back on its feet. A whole new crew is working hard to get items back on the shelves. Erostar™ is also the primary producer for the Falcon™ line of products, and we are keeping our fingers crossed that they will be back in full stock soon.

After a year of negligible production, some products are finally returning to the warehouse. They have moved their production facility to Philadelphia, PA, which is great news for us. Recently a large quantity of component items was released through Customs and delivery of these critical pieces is expected shortly.

As always, I would like to hear from you if you have suggestions as to how I can improve the site. If you'd like to see specific products, please don't hesitate to ask.

Thank You for Your Patronage! - John B.

6/1/03: PayPal Discontinued

Due to a policy change at PayPal, we will no longer be accepting payments from PayPal after Tuesday, June 3, 2003. The actual date for discontinuance from PayPal is June 12. We have chosen to close it early to allow us to finish all outstanding transactions.

Notice from PayPal: Effective Date: June 12, 2003

PayPal has updated its Acceptable Use Policy to simplify the policy on transactions of adult items. After June 12, 2003, PayPal will no longer process transactions for adult items through the Mature Audiences category on As a result, after June 12, PayPal will no longer process payments for adult items anywhere on the Internet.

Thank You for Your Patronage!

5/3/03: Work progresses albeit slowly on implementing features and new products to the cart.

Do sign up for the newsletter. It should provide you with a discount you can use on your next purchase. We don't send the newsletter out frequently, so there are no worries as to spam. Of course, we never share your information with anyone.

Do check out the What's New link on the pages. It will show any of the latest items over the previous 3 weeks.

As always, do ask for a product if you can't find it in the site. Chances are very great that we do have it as we are backed by several warehouses with 1,000's of items.

Any suggestions or comments may be forwarded directly to us at:

Click on this line to begin using the new cart.

Thank You for Your Patronage! Enjoy!!

2/20/03: The New Cart is now on line. Please report any problems to us. We are working steadily to improve the performance and functionality. Many items are still without pictures or text, but you can use the old catalog to browse.

Your patience is appreciated while we upgrade our store to this new system. It will provide you with a better experience and more products, and allow us to more effectively maintain the store. Stay Tuned...

Any suggestions or comments may be forwarded directly to us at:

Click on this line to begin using the new cart.

Thank You for Your Patronage! Enjoy!!

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